Sunday, 25 August 2013

Dior Bird Of Paradise Polish Duo

I received Dior's Bird Of Paradise polish duo for my birthday. I don't normally buy such high end nail polish for myself so it was lovely to receive some as a gift. The actual polishes don't have names they only have numbers which is a shame. One of the polishes is a gorgeous metallic green/blue which is polish number 794. The other polish is a green/mint colour and is polish number 402. 

The polishes come in really cute 7ml bottles and their brushes are not really wide but I found them to be reasonably good. I was worried that the polish would apply very thinly but the formula was better than I thought it would be. The polish was easy to apply and only needed two coats to be streak free. These polishes were actually a lot nicer than I thought they would be. I obviously have a very low opinion of high end polishes! Oops! I think this is because I have seen some rubbish ones in the past that were ridiculously costly. It is always nice to be pleasantly surprised though. 

As the polishes came in a duo I decided to use them both together. Firstly, I left the polish plain and then I added some polka dots. I also couldn't resist adding some glitter to jazz them up a bit. 

These Dior polishes were such a great gift. I would definitely recommend buying these as a special gift for someone who loves polish.

What do you think of them? I think the green/mint is a bit dull but its still nice enough.


  1. These are lovely, the colours are beautiful! The little dots you added are so sweet! Enjoy your pretty painted nails.

    Em x