Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Topshop Bee' s Knees Yellow Polish

I had been lusting after Topshop nail polish for a long time but had been trying to refrain from buying too much nail polish. However, I got a couple of these polishes for my birthday which was so exciting. I can't believe I had never tried Topshop polish before. It seems pretty ridiculous since I love both Topshop and nail polish. The first polish i tried was Bee's Knees which is a light sunny yellow. What I love about this yellow is that it is not too dull and it is not too golden. It basically is the perfect yellow-bright and pastel at the same time. The brush is pretty decent as it is not too long and although it looks thin it actually splays out widely and holds a lot of polish. I really like the Topshop polish formula. It is not too thin or too thick- it is just perfect! I painted two coats of this polish onto my nails and then added a third coat to one nail because it was slightly streaky. I have found this with all yellow polishes though. 

I am so glad I can add this yellow polish to my collection. It is so nice. 

Have you tried this yellow polish? What is your favourite yellow polish?


  1. It's a really nice colour, I have to stop buying nail varnish :/ I bought five the other day!

    Harian x. Littlecoldcoffee.blogspot.com

    1. Hehe!you can never have too much nail polish!;-)