Saturday, 10 August 2013

The Bucket List Tag

The lovely Laura from Love & Liquor tagged me in her Bucket List post which you can find here: She has a really cool blog and its one of my favourites so I would recommend that you go check her blog out. 

So here are some thoughts on what would be on my budget bucket list and what would be on my extravagant bucket list.


I wasn't able to choose just one thing I would like to do so here are a couple. You might find them a bit boring but then again you might be interested. So, this is random but I'd like to maybe learn sign language. I was thinking about how much easier it would be for deaf people to communicate with me if I could do that-I was watching big brother when this thought came to me. 

I would also really really love to either have a job that is really creative or study something creative. I was so tempted to study Art at uni because I loved it and was good at it. In the end I opted for what i thought would be a degree that would give me more chance of getting a good job. In reality though it hasn't quite worked out like that. So maybe one day I will have my own business doing something creative or I will study painting at uni. Or fashion. I'm really not sure but I need to get back to my creative roots because its what I'm best at and what I enjoy the most.


I absolutely hate travelling so I basically stopped going on holiday because it was just too much hassle and it made me feel too unwell. I'd also had some bad experiences with a near plane crash and once I passed out on a plane. I think there was something wrong with the air supply. So, it would be amazing to get hypnotherapy and then travel to all the places I have never managed to visit. If I had all the money in the world I would firstly go to London and see all of the sights. I would also love to go to all the amazing shops and shows. I would then go to New York and do the same. I'd like to go to LA too. It would be amazing to go to Australia and Italy too. Hopefully one day I will be brave enough to do this. I better start saving!! 

If you guys want to do this tag then feel free and let me know if you've done it! Remember to check out Laura's blog-its a great read!:-)


  1. I absolutely love travelling, theres so many places I want t visit, LA and NYC <3

    1. Hopefully one day we can both go to LA & NYC!:-)x