Saturday, 1 June 2013

Top Tips for Perfectly Polished Nails

I've collated some of the things that I do to keep my nails looking good and to get the best results from my polish.

1) To keep your nails healthy and strong use nail oil at times when you are giving your nails a break from polish.

2)If you moisturise your hands everyday it will keep the skin around your nails looking healthier and therefore neater.

3)I always wear a base coat to minimise staining caused by nail polish. It also helps you keep your polish on for longer.

4)I also religiously wear a top coat as I tend to wear my polish for a whole week when I am at work. I am pretty sure that even the toughest nail polish will chip without a top coat. 

5)I have found that if you put an extra coat of top coat on every second day it can extend the lifespan of your polish even more.

Extra Special Nail Tips that I have discovered:

1)Paint your nail polish and top coat over the tip of your nail - it prevents chipping for longer and if chips do occur they are less severe - it really works!

2)If you are using glitter polish like Nails Inc's Graffitti polish/Models Own Mirrorball polish or Nails Inc's Feather Polish use your fingers to smooth any jagged bits of glitter/feathers that are sticking over the tip of your nail. This makes your nails less scratchy meaning your polish will look nicer for longer as the glitter or feathers won't catch on things and fall off. You can also shape jagged bits around your nails before your polish dries.

3)When trying to apply things such as glitter or caviar pearls to your nails use a topcoat to stick them on rather than putting them straight onto your polish. Glitter and caviar pearls definitely stay stuck onto your nails for longer. I have tried and tested it.

I would love to hear your top tips for keeping your nails looking awesome? Please feel free to share your knowledge:)

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