Thursday, 7 January 2016

Christian Dior Nail Polish

My mum surprised me with two pretty Dior nail polishes for my Christmas. I love their polish bottles-they are just adorable! They make beautiful ornaments.

Gris-Or is a metallic shimmery silver/grey polish with golden tones. I was also given State of Gold which is a golden/silver glitter polish. I'm seriously looking forward to wearing both of these polishes together and with other polishes.

What do you think about Gris-Or & State Of Gold? Have you tried any Dior nail polish before? Let me know if you liked them!


  1. I've tried the regular Dior polishes and did spy a few of these, but didn't get any! I think there was a nice red one lol :-D

    1. Yes i did see some of the other festive ones actually but never thought about buying them...i love the bottles-they are super cute:)thanks as always chick:)xxx