Thursday, 7 January 2016

MAC's Silver Dew Nail Polish

MAC's Silver Dew Nail Polish is a silver/pearl toned shimmery glitter polish. I think it is one of my new favourite MAC glitter polishes. 

Silver Dew was lovely to apply as it glided on smoothly to my nails. It has a great brush and an excellent formula. MAC have really got their polish formula down. It dried really quickly and as with all of MAC's polishes was long lasting. I would suggest wearing this polish over another polish as I think you might need quite a few coats of this polish to achieve opaque nails. In the photograph I'm wearing it over a silver polish.

Silver Dew is absolutely gorgeous and I highly recommend it. 

What do you think about MAC's Silver Dew Nail Polish? Would you like to try it? Do you already have it?


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    1. Yes this one is awesome:)I couldn't get it in the shop so ordered it online:)thanks for your comment chick:)xxx