Thursday, 7 January 2016

MAC's Spelldazzling Nail Polish

I bought MAC's Spelldazzling Nail Polish with my MAC vouchers on Christmas Day because it looked gorgeous and it's even better in real life. It's a beautiful bronze shimmery polish with copper sparkles/shimmer throughout. I wasn't really able to capture this in in the photograph which is a real shame.

Spelldazzling was a dream to apply with its amazingly smooth formula which is highly pigmented and it's great brush. Two coats of polish created perfectly flawless nails. This polish dries really quickly which is a total bonus and it is hard wearing which is ideal for a working girl wearing this polish a week at a time.

Overall, I have to give Spelldazzling a glowing review as it is just fantastic. I highly recommend this polish. I have been so impressed with MAC's nail polishes lately.

What do you guys think about MAC's Soelldazzling Polish? Have you tried this polish? I love hearing from you! 


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    1. week yes this one is awesome-im so glad i discovered it & bought it with my vouchers hehe:)thanks for your comment chick:)xxx