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Archived: Interview With Chantelle From The Girl In The Tartan Scarf

The second post in my blogger interview series is with Chantelle from The Girl In The Tartan Scarf. Chantelle has a great blog and makes absolutely amazing YouTube videos not to mention she is one of the loveliest girls I have come across in the blogging world. She is also a fellow Scot so I urge you all to check out her blog here  and her youtube channel here . You will be addicted to her videos I promise!

1) What is your favourite nail polish at the moment?
I am absolutely loving Essie Bordeaux at the moment. I am always drawn to a really dark, deep red nail because I think it's such a classic colour that looks well with basically everything!

2) Why did you start your blog?
I remember reading (and loving) blogs for a really long time and decided after a while that I wanted to create my own little corner on the internet. I really love photography and pretty photos so having a blog allows me to experiment a bit more with photography and of course share my love of fashion and beauty with the world...or anyone who is willing to listen to me really haha!

3) What inspired you to start making YouTube videos?
Again, like blogging I've always loved watching youtube videos! I probably watch more youtube videos than I do TV!! After a year or so of toing and froing I decided to bite the bullet and make my own and here I am a year down the line, and absolutely loving making videos!

4)What do you enjoy most about blogging?
This is an easy one...the people! I've met so many amazing and lovely people through blogging, including you Stef! :) It's just amazing being a part of the blogging community, everyone is just so supportive and lovely and it's amazing to be able to chat to so many of you through social media every day about things we're both passionate about...I love it! :)

5)What do you enjoy most about making YouTube videos?
Again, definitely the people I've met. I genuinely believe I have the loveliest subscribers! There's so many who have been there from day one and haven't missed a video, and always give me a little nudge of support whenever I upload a new video. I also just love sitting down and filming/editing. It might sound weird but I really do feel like I'm talking to everyone rather than just talking to a camera...although at the end of the day I really am just talking to a camera haha!

6)What is your favourite accessory right now?
Hmmm this is a hard one. I'm a big earring person, so I've been really loving a new earring I got from Maria Black. You can buy them separately, which is what I done so I've been wearing it in my right ear. It's in the shape of a wing so it's quite a statement piece but I really love it! :) 

7)Which beauty products are you loving at the moment?
Ooooooh you can't ask a beauty hoarder this question it's too hard haha!! If I had to only name a couple (I'd be here all day otherwise) then I'd have to say the Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation. I've been raving about it so much on my youtube channel and blog that everyone is probably sick of me talking about it! I've also been using my Hourglass ambient lighting blush palette almost every single day since I got it and I'm still obsessed with it. I wouldn't even say I'm a big blush person but it's just such a pretty palette. If you're a blush hoarder you definitely NEED this in your life!

8)Are there any high street shops that you are obsessed with right now?
Topshop and Zara will forever be my two favourite high street shops. I always know that if I go into either of them that I will either leave with something or a wish list as long as my arm!

9)What do you love more-footwear or coats/jackets?(I know thats a tough one for you!)
Stef, this has to be the toughest question ever haha! I think I'd have to say coats/jackets! I don't know what it is I just seem to have zero will power when I see a nice jacket or coat...let's be honest I'm probably the same with shoes but probably more so with jackets, I just have no self control!

10)I know you love to bake so what is your favourite thing to bake at the moment?
I've been baking a LOT recently. I don't know why, I think the cold weather brings out my sweet tooth...or that's my excuse anyway. I've been making a lot of banana bread lately. It tastes more of ginger than banana really which is why I think I love it so much. It's been going down well my family and friends who keep requesting me to make it so I must be doing something right!

11) Do you have a favourite TV show on Netflix right now?
I'm watching a few things on Netflix right now, one of them being Gossip Girl. I'm going to miss it when it finishes but I can't wait for it to finish at the same time, because then I can start watching Pretty Little Liars! Now no judgement when I tell you this but another thing I've been loving watching is...Angel and Buffy (hides eyes) haha! I watch at least one episode most days, usually during lunch and my favourite has to be Angel. It's totally taken me back to my youth haha! It's just one of those things you can have on in the background and not need to tune into too much...that's how I justify watching it anyway!

12)Which item of make up can you not stop using?
An item I got recently and have been absolutely loving using is the Body Shop Wonderblur. It's a pore minimising primer that leaves my face feeling SO smooth. I've been using it non stop since I got it!

13)Do you have a favourite song at the moment?
This is an easy one, definitely Uptown Funk! I've been going to Zumba classes and this is one of the tracks that gets played, so every time I hear it now I'm just twitching to pull out some of my Zumba moves haha!

14)How would you describe your style?(I know thats a bit of a cheesy question but I thought it would be fun)
I'd say for the most part I go for a pretty classic look. My wardrobe mainly consists of white, black and grey so for an everyday look you'll see me in black skinny jeans or cropped trousers and a white or grey top with some heeled boots and a smart(ish) coat or a leather jacket. I do try and inject a bit of colour and there, although I'm the type of person who just wears what suits me...I won't jump on a new trend if it's not 'me'. I hope that explains my style a little!

15)Which beauty brand do you think always gets it just right?
The brand that comes straight to mind is Nars. They just always seem to get it right. I have so many Nars products that I love and use almost every day! I got an email alert earlier about some new releases from them and it's taking all of my willpower to not have a browse online...'browsing' never ends well for me!

I would like to say a huge thank you to the lovely Chantelle for taking part in this interview. Her answers are great and I am sure she has made all of you smile. I am absolutely loving publishing this interview series. There are lots more interviews with some excellent bloggers and YouTubers to come.

Here are Chantelle’s links:

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