Friday, 11 March 2016

New Mia Felce Art Print

This super cool art print from Mia Felce really sums up how I have felt for the last three years. Whenever my parents asked what I was doing when I was working on my blog or on my own personal goals I always said that I was "building my empire".  I think a lot of us probably feel the same and totally relate to this fun art print.

I decided to buy this art print from Mia to hang in my room to always remind me to keep working hard and building my empire. So, thanks for creating such a cool, fun and relatable piece of art Mia.

You guys can check out all of Mia's beautiful designs here:

What do you think about this super pretty art print from Mia Felce? Do you own any of her amazing creations? Let me know!

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