Friday, 11 March 2016

MAC's Fairy Land Foiled Faerie Whispers Eyeshadow

I absolutely love MAC's Fairy Land Foiled Faerie Whispers Eyeshadow. It looks just as amazing on your eyes as it does in its packaging. It is super beautiful. I think it is my new favourite eyeshadow as I constantly keep reaching for it every time I do my eye make up.

Fairy Land can be used on top of other eye shadows but I've found that it also looks good when used alone. MAC have created an amazing eye shadow formula here which can't quite be called a powder or a cream. It is definitely somewhere in between. This means that Fairy Land applies to the eyes amazingly and is what makes me love it so much. It is a very shimmery/sparkly eye shadow but because it's not a powder you don't get lots of fall out. Also, because it does not have a cream texture it doesn't crease and isn't greasy.  You can use it both wet and dry. I always find that applying it with my finger works best for me.

I literally cannot speak highly enough of this eye shadow. It is just an absolute joy to apply and wearing it brings lots of sparkly goodness to my days.

What do you guys think about MAC's Fairy Land Foiled Faerie Whispers Eye Shadow? Have you tried it before? I would love to hear from you!

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