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Archived: Interview With Eden From

Today's interview is with Eden from A few months ago Eden and I started chatting on twitter about our mutual love for Gossip Girl and a tag video which I had just uploaded. Since then I have discovered that she makes great YouTube videos and is just a great girl in general. You can check out her blog here and her YouTube channel here .  She has also just got an absolutely beautiful wee puppy so you definitely need to go and subscribe to her channel.

1)Which shade/brand of nail polish are you loving at the moment?

Barry M, Gelly Hi-Shine, in shade GNP 10. 
This is a nude colour that is so easy to wear! 

2)When did you start writing your blog?
Start of December! Around 3 months ago; still a newbie!

3)What inspired you to start a YouTube channel?
I guess cause everyone else seemed to have one I just wanted to be part of it! 

4)What are you enjoying most about being a blogger and YouTuber?
I love the blogger community! I don't think you realise that there is such a big community there until you actually start to blog, or at least I didn't! Generally, everyone is so wonderful and supportive - I love it when I get some spare time to just sit and read everyone's blogs and catch up with everything; it's like one giant family.

5)Do you have a favourite item of clothing at the moment?
Silk Shirts! These are my go to thing for both work and day to day wear! 
They're so easy to wear and cover up all my sins! 

6)Which high street shop can you not resist spending your money in?
Primark! Everything is just such good value for money! 
I could literally spend all day in Primark - as long as it wasn't a Saturday! 

7)Are there any beauty products that you are obsessed with at the moment?
Collection, Lasting Perfection Concealer!
I have only just jumped on the band wagon for this after hearing so many amazing reviews and I love it! It's also fabulous for contouring - happy days! 

8)I know you love Gossip Girl but do you have any other favourite TV shows?
Not religiously. I love a good documentary or 'real life drama'.

9)Have you got any beauty essentials?
Serum!? Does that count!? I just love the way it makes my skin feel and look. 
If not, I have to say brow products! At the moment I am using, and loving, the Barry M Brow Kit. This seems to be the cheapest of its kind on the market yet it does exactly what you would want from it.

10)Are there any songs that you just can’t stop listening to right now?
I am loving two songs at the moment! Hoizer - Take Me to Church and Avicii - The Nights.
If you are yet to listen to Hoizer, you have to give them a listen! 

11)Have you discovered any new beauty products recently that you love?
Collection, Lasting Perfection Concealer for sure! I still can't believe I am only just trying this!

12)What is your favourite accessory just now?
A statement necklace.
I am quite boring with my fashion sense I think, I like simple and plain clothing so I find a nice, statement necklace is an instant outfit maker! 

13)Have you got a favourite item of clothing in your wardrobe?
It used to be a Jack Wills woolen jumper until it got shrunk in the wash *sob*
I guess it would have to be a black, midi, long sleeved dress! Boring, I know; I can literally wear it anywhere and just change what I pair it with! It is so versatile! 

14)What is on your lust list?
A rose gold watch, a tablet and also a nice travel suitcase :) (if anyone reading this would like to purchase any of these things for me I would be super grateful and you would have my eternal love in return!)

15)What make up item do you always carry with you?
Mascara! I am terrible for rubbing, touching and playing with my eyes so this is a must for me!
Ah I thought Eden gave some awesome answers.  I want to say a huge thank you to her for taking part. I wouldn't be able to publish these posts if amazing bloggers and YouTubers like Eden didn't spare some of their time to answer my questions. So, thanks so much again Eden! Please go and check out her blog and YouTube channel.

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