Monday, 16 June 2014

Nails Inc's Floral Queensgate Gardens Polish

Have you guys seen Nails Inc's Floral Polish? It is such a cute idea! The packaging is gorgeous too!

I chose to try Queensgate Gardens and applied it over a pink base which I think looks really nice. Nails Inc's Floral polish consists of a mix of confetti strands and discs along with small flower shapes. 

This polish applied really nicely although I did find that the flowers were difficult to get on the brush so you have to scoop around for them. However, that really was not an issue. I actually enjoyed strategically placing the flowers on my nails.

The flowers don't lie flat on your nails so they might catch on your clothes even with a top coat over them. I haven't tried this polish out over a week yet to find out how practical this polish is.

What do you guys think about this polish? Do you think it is a cute nail polish for summer?


  1. Those look amazing! Nice Job :)
    Would love you to check my blog if you can. Doing Coach clutch giveaway right now !

  2. It's pretty! I think it would be nice as an accent nail :)
    Elsa Pell

    1. yes it totally would indeed:)thanks for reading & commenting girlie:)xx

  3. Such a pretty polish! And your YouTube video reviews are fab! I have nominated you for the sunshine blog award! If you would like to take part, the details are on my latest post ( I understand if you don't wish to take part, the award blogging system is a little time consuming and random! If you do choose to accept however, let me know when you have posted your response and I look forward to reading it!
    Thanks, ljmoo123 x

    1. awww thank you so much for checking out my blog & youtube!!and thank you so much for taking the time to nominate me for the sunshine blog award!i really appreciate that!i will try my best to do it chick:)xx