Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Peppermint Tea Lovin

I am not a tea or coffee drinker at all and since I was a teenager have made an effort to avoid caffeine as it has never had a good effect on me.  If I was unwell and had a sore throat I would drink regular caffeinated tea despite the effects of the caffeine.

Last year I decided I needed something to boost my general well being so I looked into trying different kinds of tea. I was actually quite shocked by some of the possible benefits of certain teas.

For over a year now I have been drinking peppermint tea and I have found that it has helped me out in a few ways.

I drink it at breakfast time and sometimes after dinner and I find that it soothes my tummy during digestion which is great. I have also found that it helps me recover more quickly after I have my period (I have endometriosis). In general I think it actually does boost my overall well being and immune system.

What is excellent about peppermint tea is that it is naturally caffeine free. I find that the mint flavour is not too overpowering and also it tastes quite pleasant. In comparison, I think that green tea is a totally acquired taste.

Peppermint tea also goes so incredibly well with chocolate,biscuits and cake. It tastes great with anything sweet!

You can look up all of the supposed health benefits of peppermint tea online but I have definitely found it a great type of tea for aiding my wellness!

If you don't like caffeine or tea/coffee I would definitely recommend trying peppermint tea for a sore throat or on a cold snowy day if you want a hot drink to warm you up!

Have any if you tried Peppermint Tea before? Which other types is tea do you drink?


  1. Love peppermint tea, I drink it after a heavy meal to help settle my stomach; I don't eat anything with it I just use it as an opportunity to sit down and relax :)

    Jade x
    Beauty Butterfly | UK Beauty Blog

    1. its so soothing on your tummy isn't it!hehe yeh i try not to eat all of these bad things with it I've just found out it goes so nicely with sweet foods hehe:)thanks for reading & commenting:)xx

  2. Teas are amazing! And the health benefits are definitely real. :-)
    My favorite tea is not available outside of North America, I believe, but it's called "Marshmallow Macarons" from Teavana. :-)

    1. yes i think they definitely are!ive been trying to drink green tea but i don't find it as enjoyable as peppermint tea:)oh wow that sounds amazing!:)thanks for reading lovely:)xx