Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Photo Booth Fun

Today's post is more of a lifestyle one so I hope you like it!

I was at my cousins wedding on Saturday and they had something I had never come across in real life- a photo booth!

After watching the father of the groom (my uncle) mucking about with a Loch Ness Monster hat and an inflatable guitar my Dad was well up for getting in on the photo booth action. Myself & my mum joined in on the fun with him. It was hilarious seeing my family members playing around with all the wigs, hats and of course moustaches. My cousin handed me a moustache which I later passed on to another wedding guest.

We got our little printed out photo which was such a cute souvenir from the day. Soon everyone was having a go in the photo booth, even those family members who are a little more reserved. It was getting everyone into a fun party mood which I loved. I have since checked out all of the photos that were taken in the photo booth on the company's Facebook page and they are brilliant. 

The kids loved it and I think the adults were loving it too by the size of the queue! I really wish that my grandad was around to take part. I think he would have been in heaps of the photos knowing him.

The photo booth photos are a great keep sake for the bride & groom. I think it is an awesome idea to have proper serious photos and then to catch everyone in a jolly mood playing about in fancy dress.

I really just wanted to share my new found love for photo booths and wanted to ask what your thoughts on them are? Have you ever been to a wedding or party with one?

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