Wednesday, 27 May 2015

New Nails Inc Polishes

I recently treated myself to three gorgeous new Nails Inc Polishes. 

The amazing purple/pink polish is a Luxe Boho polish called Notting Hill Lane. The pink/nude polish is a Luxe Boho polish called Portobello Crescent. I am looking forward to using these polishes as I really like Nails Inc's Blossom polishes which are similar.

I also bought a Gel Effect Polish called Berkeley Street which is a lovely coral shade.

What do you think about these Nails Inc polishes? Have you bought any of them? I love hearing from you!


  1. I've not tried any of the new shaped ones but those toppers look amazing :-D

    1. the polishes are still great quality its just a shame they have gone up in price so much!yes those top coats are so cool-i have posts coming up on them very soon so you can see how pretty they are on:)xxx