Sunday, 24 May 2015

NEW VIDEO: 10 Things I Love About Scotland

Hey guys!

I hope you are all having a great weekend! 

My new video is all about the things that I love about Scotland and being Scottish. I hope you enjoy this video-it was great fun to film!

You can watch my new video here :)


  1. Cool video! :-)

    I agree we do have the best of both worlds here. I live near the city and a where I stay it is all woods and forests :-D And 20 minutes drive I'm in the city!

    I also really like the fact we are multi-cultural as well. That's such a great thing here. :-D

    Haha I'm no sure about the accents, certainly mine. I always think I sound pure dead Scottish when I'm speaking to my English friends. I have an Italian friend and she loves everything about Scotland - apart from the weather. ;-)

    1. aww thanks so much for watching lovely!and OMG I DIDNT REALISE YOU WERE SCOTTISH TOO:-)haha thats so cool!love that you totally get what i was on about haha!nah i think our accents are awesome!aw I'm so happy your friend loves it here:)thanks so much for your lovely comment chum!!:)xxxxx

    2. Haha yeah, 100% born and bred ;-) We have a wonderful country :-D <3

      I totally got yeah :-D