Sunday, 16 February 2014

MUA Constellation Nail Beads

I received MUA's Nail Constellation Beads in Leo for my birthday and I have only recently managed to test them out. I was eager to try them and compare them to the other nail beads and pearls that I have purchased. These beads are a really great price and come in a selection of awesome colours. My Leo Beads are a mixture of purple and turquoise metallic beads which are two of my favourite colours. I have chosen to wear them with a lovely lilac polish which I think looks great. 

I had hoped that I would be able to put a top coat over them so I could wear them for longer but unfortunately the top coat ruined them which is a great shame.

Overall, as nail beads go these are an awesome colour and an awesome price. If you want the look of Ciate Caviar Pearls but know that they will only last you one night these beads definitely give you a similar look for a fraction of the price.

What do you think? Have you tried MUA's nail beads before?


  1. I am in love <3
    Check out my new post and tell me what you think :)