Friday, 7 February 2014

Red & Silver Glitter Leopard Print Nail Art

I wanted to do something totally different from the normal leopard print design and I think I have managed that with this red and silver leopard combination. 

I used Nails Inc's St James Gel red polish and Rimmel's Shooting Star Space Dust silver glitter polish. I think the red polish looks awesome with the silver metallic glitter polish which I used for the leopard print. Also, I love that it is quite unique. I will be trying this Space Dust polish in other leopard print designs.

What other colours combinations do you think would be good? Which other colours could I use this silver Space Dust polish with in a leopard print design?

If you want to see my step by step guide for creating your own leopard print nails then check out my Leopard Print Nail Art Guide here: 


  1. I love looking at your nails they are all so amazing xxx

    1. thank girlie!your comment has literally made my day!i am so glad that you like seeing them:)xx