Sunday, 1 December 2013

Ciate Advent Calendar Day 1: Snow Globe

So, its the first of December woooop! I was so excited to open my Ciate Advent Calendar this morning and I was not disappointed. Today's Ciate polish is called snow globe and is a really pretty clear polish with flakes of colour changing glitter. The flakes of glitter change from gold to green to blue to purple when the light hits them at certain angles. I can't wait to try this polish and compare it to the other polishes like this that I have tried as I have always found them a bit of a let down. They always tend to be a bit thick and you end up overloading your nail with polish to get enough of the glitter flakes on it!

I have taken photos of this polish in different types of light to attempt to show you how pretty it looks!

What do you think of is polish? Have you opened your advent calendars yet?:) 


  1. Ide love a Ciate polish advent calendar but I'm not rich enough haha! What a beautiful colour:) reminds me of Deborah Lippman Stairway to heaven ^__^! Xxx

    1. aww don't say that!!...its so pretty isn't it? I've always wanted to try deborah lip man polish but never seen them in any shops where i live!:)xxx

    2. haha! It is indeed :)) I haven't either tbh I got mine when I was on holiday at Floriday so I think the best bet is ordering offline :o xxx