Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Topshop Blitz Polish

Topshop's Blitz polish is a metallic deep raspberry pink polish with a hint of gold in it. This polish looks really purple in the photos but it is more pink than purple. The formula is really good and I only needed two coats for my nails to be perfect. I love that this polish has a thicker consistency than some of the other more expensive metallic polishes that I have tried which were quite thin. This polish applied so smoothly which is partly due to the brilliant brush. I think it would make a great Christmas gift this year. You could buy a couple of Topshop polishes and make a little Topshop polish bundle to put in someone's stocking.

What are your favourite metallic Topshop polishes? Would you like to find this polish in your stocking?:) 


  1. What a gorgeous colour ! Defiantly need to try it

  2. Ooh wow this is lovely, I've not tried the TopShop nail polishes.

    Alice |

    1. you should give them a try!they are really nice!:)x