Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Jessica Platinum Wishes Polish

Jessica's Platinum Wishes polish is an amazing multicoloured black glitter polish. It looks rather great in the bottle and on your nails. It's perfect for Christmas parties this winter or for just a bit of added sparkle during the dark, cold days. I would recommend applying this polish over a black polish. This is because the Platinum Wishes polish is quite murky on its own and really looks best in my opinion as a top coat over black polish. This polish applies smoothly and the brush is great. It was really really difficult to get photographs which truly showed how pretty this polish is. The colour combination of the glitter particles in this polish is quite unusual but it works really well. There are blue, green, gold and bronze glitter particles which really do look great over black polish.

This polish would make a lovely gift for someone over the festive period as Jessica polish is at the slightly higher end of the polish price spectrum.

What are your thoughts on this polish? Would you try it?


  1. Beautiful sparkly look - perfect for parties :o). Xx


    1. Yes it is!its a shame you can't really see how nice it is!x

  2. ohh thats so pretty! i love glitter, even more so at this time of the year! x