Monday, 23 December 2013

Reindeer Nail Art

I have been torn about whether I should publish this post about my attempt at Reindeer Nail Art because I felt lots of things went wrong with it and that the end result wasn't very good. I'm pretty sure you guys could do a much better job than this so I will let you know what went wrong so if you want to try it you don't make the same mistakes that I did!

I used a thin nail art brush, a dotting tool and polishes of my choice to create this design. After attempting this design I realised that my nail art brush just wasn't thin enough to make the antlers look pretty. So, my top tip is to get a really really thin nail art brush. I also found that I didn't have a brown polish for the antlers so I had to mix one. I wouldn't recommend doing this. It just looks horrible. The brown polish that I mixed also was too thin so make sure that you have a decent brown polish that has a good, thick, opaque formula. Those are definitely my top tips!

Have you tried reindeer nail art? Which polish did you use for the antlers?


  1. Replies
    1. thanks!i really wasn't sure about them at all!xx

  2. They look pretty good to me and oh so cute :D

  3. Yeah I think they look really cute! I know hard it is to do, I just finished a nail art course and took me ageeees to complete it! I want to try reindeers but maybe next year lol xx

    1. im glad you find it hard too!you might be a total pro by next year!:)xx

  4. Love those reindeer nails, so cute x