Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Barry M Confetti Polish

I am loving all the different new polishes that Barry M have been releasing lately. The nail polish business is really booming right now. I picked up some of the new Barry M Confetti Polishes from Boots when they had a money off offer running which is great. I purchased Marshmallow, Liquorice, Dolly Mixture, Sour Apple and Bubblegum. These polishes are vey similar to the Nails Inc Feather polishes but Barry M have created three different colour combinations which is great. 

Marshmallow is a pale pink colour and is a mixture of pale pink and white confetti strands in a clear polish. I wore this polish over the Key Lime Gelly Hi-Shine polish which created a really interesting textured look.

Liquorice is made up of black and white confetti strands. I wore this polish over the new Gelly Hi-Shine Guava which I think looks pretty awesome. 

Dolly mixture consists of yellow, peach and blue strands of confetti. In the bottle this polish doesn't look very appealing. However, I applied it over Blue Grape which is another new Gelly Hi-Shine polish and it looked really really good. 

Sour Apple includes yellow and blue confetti strands. I wore this polish over the lovely Mango Gelly Hi-Shine polish. It gave the Mango polish some extra excitement.

Finally, Bubblegum consists of blue and white strands of confetti. This is a really pretty polish. I applied it over my Dragon Fruit Gelly Hi-Shine polish and it looked really sweet. 

These polishes are fairly easy to apply and not thick and gluggy which I thought they might be. They are the awesome price of £3.99. I think they are really good quality. If you are looking for some confetti or feather polish and you feel that the Nails Inc polishes are too expensive to buy more then one colour I would recommend these Barry M polishes. You definitely can get more for your money but the quality of the product remains high. 

Barry M Confetti Polishes are great for making your ordinary polish more exciting and rejuvenating old polishes.

Have you tried these polishes? If so, which one is your favourite? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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