Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Nails Inc's Bling It On Neon

Nails Inc's Bling It On Neon is an awesome bright nail glitter set which is perfect for summer. I am totally in the mood for neon coloured nails right now and this set gives you neon and crazy sparkle. There is not much that can top that! 

This set is extremely similar to the other Bling It On sets that I have written about. The two glitter pots that are included with the set are an awesome bright neon pink and an ace bright neon blue.

These glitters are really really sparkly which is always what I look for in a glitter. They do not seem to be dulled too much when top coat is applied which is great. The pink glitter has holographic silver glitter particles in it which gives it an extra something. Though the blue is pretty unique too. 

The background polish you are meant to use with these glitters is white because I think it gives it an extra neon vibrancy. However, I think you could use pink or blue polish. The white polish makes it more noticeable when the glitter moves slightly when top coat is applied which is a shame. I thought it made some parts of my nails look unevenly covered in the glitter once the top coat had been applied.

There do not seem to be any other neon glitter polishes available that I know of so this glitter set is rather unique. It's sparkling beauty and uniqueness is why I love it!

I have written about the other Bling It On sets and provided a more in depth review on Bling It On Hologram so I don't keep repeating myself in each post.

Here are the links if you want to check them out:

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