Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Models Own Artstix Nail Beads

I bought Models Own's Artstix Pink Fizz Nail Beads in order to compare them to Ciate's Caviar Pearls and I have some positive thoughts on them.

They cost £4.00 per pot which I think is a great price for this particular product especially compared to Ciate.  The beads come in some really vibrant neon colours. I was torn between the green and the pink but in the end I chose the pink beads. 

I used top coat to stick the beads to my nails. On one hand I left the beads as they were and on the other hand I applied top coat over the top of the beads. Unlike Ciate, the Models Own Artstix Nail Beads are not ruined by top coat. Woooop! The effect of the beads is not ruined at all by applying top coat over them. This is brilliant because it means we might have a chance of being able to wear our beads for more than a few hours. I wore mine for 24 hours and they stayed looking good. I am so glad Models Own cottoned on to this fact. 

Also, another major advantage of these Models Own Artstix Nail Beads is that the colour of the beads does not run or bleed when you wash your hands. Another huge woooop for Models own and a thumbs down for Ciate. 

If you do not apply top coat over these beads they do fall off at the same rate as the Ciate pearls but they do not leave silver bits which make it really visible that your beads have fallen off like the Ciate pearls. Although, as you can apply top coat over them there is no need for your beads to fall off ever again yaaaay!

I really like this product. It's a great price and you will actually get so much wear out of it. I would recommend these Models Own Artstix Nail Beads if you would like to try out this type of product.

Have you tried these beads? If so,what do you think of them?

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