Sunday, 9 June 2013

Sally Hansen Nail Polish

I had never tried any Sally Hansen polishes until recently when my local Boots store started stocking her products. 

I bought a lilac polish called Purple Heart which is a really lovely colour and a green and blue glitter polish called Mermaid's Tale.

Sally Hansen polishes come in a really nice bottle which holds a good amount of polish. They cost £6.99 in Boots which is heading towards the slightly more expensive end of the nail polish cost spectrum. I love the brushes that have been used in these polishes. They are soft and shaped like artists brushes or make up brushes. Due to this they applied the polish really well. I was very impressed by the brushes.

However, I wasn't very impressed by the formula of the actual polish. The lilac polish went on fairly streaky and the glitter polish was just horrible. You had to put on a couple of layers of it because the glitter coverage was not good. It took ages to dry and did that thing where it was almost as if it had not dried at all and the I touched something and it went all smushy. I have not seen a polish do that for a long time. 

Sadly I just did not find that these polishes were as good as brands such as Nails Inc and Barry M which was really disappointing because I am a complete fan of the Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips. 

What do you think about Sally Hansen Nail Polish? Have you had different experiences with it?

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