Sunday, 23 June 2013

Nails Inc's Bling It On Rocks

Nails Inc's Bling it on Rocks is such a cool loose glitter set. I have been wanting to do a post on this for a long time as I have had this set since Christmas time but just never had the time to do it. The glitter in this set is really awesome. The silver glitter is extra sparkly as it has large chunky bits of holographic glitter in it which really stand out when they catch the light. The black glitter comprises of finer glitter particles. What makes this glitter special is that it is black with silver glitter throughout it. It looks great on your nails and is something quite different to mainstream nail polish. 

I have basically found that I have all the same comments about Bling it on Rocks as I did in relation to Bling it on Hologram. Although, one thing to point out here was that I felt that putting the silver glitter over black nail polish that comes in the set doesn't look that good. I think it would have looked better with a silver or grey nail polish. So, this time around I used silver polish and it looks so much better as you will see in the photos below.

Overall, I think that Bling it on Rocks is my favourite Nails Inc Bling it on set. You end up with an effect that you can't really get from nail polish because the glitter in the set is so special.

You can see my review of Nails Inc's Bling it on Hologram here: 


  1. This is a really lovely nail effect :) The colour is gorgeous.
    emmerliejay x

    1. I know it's so pretty and sparkly isn't it! Thank you for your comment!:)

  2. Bloody hell girl! Loved all the images there. It looks freakng stunning! I WANT!



    1. Haha thanks! It is really pretty! I'm glad I've finally done a post on it! Got a couple more pretty glitter posts to put up!:)