Sunday, 16 June 2013

Models Own Snowflakes Glitter Polish

Models Own Snowflakes Glitter polish is a clear polish with different sized flecks of glitter throughout it. What is cool about this polish is that you can try it out over different colours of polish to see how it looks. I have worn it over Barry M's Blue Grape Gelly Hi-Shine polish which looked really really good. It makes normal polishes look totally different. 

The only downside about this polish is that it is really thick and therefore quite hard to apply. If you try to arrange the glitter in a way that looks good the actual polish tends to build up and is really bumpy which doesn't look very nice. This is a real shame but you can make it look less bumpy by using top coat. 

Have you tried this polish? What did you think of it? Would you put up with thick, gluggy polish if it looks good in the end?

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