Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Galaxy Nail Art Guide

I had been desperate to try to create a Galaxy nail art design for ages and really hoped that I could do it justice. Finally, I found time to do it and I was very happy with how it turned out. It is really easy to do too which is great. I think it is one of my favourite nail art designs and I'm excited to show you how it turned out. 

Here is a guide as to how I created my Galaxy nails.

1)Apply top coat

2)Paint your nails with two coats of black polish and leave to dry

3)I used a make up sponge to dab my polish on to random areas of each nail. The first polish I applied was a metallic blue colour. This was followed by silver/grey and bright pink polish.

4)Once you have applied your main galaxy colours use a glitter polish to gently add some stars and planets to your design. I applied a very light coat of glitter and tried to strategically place the larger pieces of glitter on to the nail so they would look like planets.

5)Apply top coat

Have you tried out the Galaxy nail design? How did you find it turned out? It would be good to hear what other nail art designs you are loving at the moment.


  1. these are insanely cool! you did an amazing job and from your directions it seems fairly easy to achieve which means I'll actually try it ;)

    xx, TT

    1. thank you!oh gosh this is an old post and clearly it was before i knew how to take nice photos!!ahhhh!glad u think it seems simple to do cos it is:-)xx