Saturday, 29 June 2013

Nautical Nail Tattoos

I bought some nail tattoos from Amazon for about £2.00 per each design. The first ones that I have tried are anchor tattoos which is why I decided to create nautical nails.  This was my first attempt at using nail tattoos since the mid 1990's when I was a little kid. 

These nail tattoos come on tiny little sheets of paper and each tattoo is placed really closely to the next. I cut out the two anchor tattoos that I used very carefully. What is also different about these is that you have to submerge them in water and then place them on to your nails to transfer the tattoo. I found this part rather tricky as the tiny piece of paper wanted to slide about which caused my tattoos to be a bit squint. Also, once transferred the tattoos are not smooth- they have air bubbles which are difficult to smooth out. I applied top coat to see if this would help which it did a bit but during the process of applying it I accidentally ripped one of the tattoos. 

I am hoping that practice will make perfect and I will manage to apply them more nicely next time. 

Have you ever tried water transfer nail tattoos? If so, how did you find them?