Sunday, 9 June 2013

Polish Swirl Nail Art

Recently I have been discovering how many amazing nail art techniques there are out there and how many people are so talented at creating them. I thought I would share with you one really easy technique that I came across as I am fairly new to nail art and you might be too.

Polish swirl nail art is something I had never thought about before but is so fun, quick and simple to create. Here is a guide as to how I created it:

1)Apply base coat.

2)Paint each nail with one coat of white polish or a colour of your choice. This technique probably works with pale pastel colours too!

3)Paint each nail with a second coat of white polish.

4)Before the polish dries dab on two dabs of your first swirling colour and then two dabs of your second swirling colour. I dabbed the colours in a way that meant they were diagonally opposite one another.

5)Whilst the polish is wet use a toothpick to swirl the colours together in any way you want to. Here you may have to add a small dab of white polish to help add some more swirls to your design.

6)Leave to dry thoroughly and gently apply your top coat.

I would love to know what your thoughts are on this nail art technique!


  1. I love this very pretty design :) wish I could do this haha x

    1. You totally could!seriously just blob on some polish and swirl it about with a tooth pick and a little white polish!let me know if you try it:)thanks for your that you sell back packs with skulls on them,I'm a bit obsessed with skull print hehe:)x