Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Nails Inc's Mayfair Hand Lotion

I wanted to do a quick post about Nails's Inc's Mayfair Hand Lotion because its is another of their hand care products which I have found to really help my skin.  Along with their Kensington Caviar Hand Cream and Hand Lotion I have found that the Mayfair Hand Lotion is much more gentle on my skin than big name skin care brands. It also seem to be more nourishing. I can get very dry sore hands especially in winter and also have a random tiny patch of what I think is eczema on my hand. The big name brand moisturisers seem to make my skin red, inflamed and sore which is not very nice. They also don't seem to heal my hands. Whereas the Mayfair Hand Lotion and other Nails Inc products mentioned above do not make my hands red or sore. Instead they sooth and heal my skin. They are slightly more expensive than the big name brand moisturisers but I'm willing to pay a bit more for my skin to be soothed rather than inflamed. 

The Mayfair Hand Lotion is another skin care product from Nails Inc that I would recommend if you have experienced similar problems with hand moisturisers.

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