Thursday, 13 June 2013

Models Own Mirrorball Glitter Polish

I bought the Models Own Mirrorball glitter polishes a few months ago as there were good deals on them on Asos and in Boots.  I love to use them over pastel colours and have now tried them over white as you can see in my photos.

There are five polishes in the Mirrorball collection. The first polish I tried was Freak Out which is a blue themed polish. It has large jagged bits of light blue glitter, medium dark blue discs of glitter and small specks of bright pink glitter. It looks great over dark colours like black and navy as well as over pastel colours.

Hot Stuff is the pink Mirrorball glitter. It consists of large jagged golden/pink pieces of glitter, smaller squares of golden glitter and tiny specks of bright pink glitter. This glitter polish looks good over pastel pink polish.

The purple polish is called Boogie Nights and looks good over black and also white polish. It consists of large jagged gold and lilac glitter particles, some dark blue glitter and bright pink glitter.

Dancing Queen is the green polish which I think is quite a striking polish. It consists of golden and light blue jagged fragments of glitter, dark green glitter, golden glitter and dark blue glitter.

The gold polish is called Disco Inferno. It is made up of many jagged pieces of golden glitter, golden square and hexagonal glitter pieces and tiny specs of dark green and gold glitter.

These polishes are so cool and they can totally liven up any polish. I think my favourite is Freak Out.  There is just something extra special about it.

One of their only downsides is that they can become quite thick and gluggy after a few months which is a shame. Also, sometimes you feel a bit like you may have accidentally put too much glitter on because the brush can be overloaded with glitter.

Overall, these are really good nail polishes to have in your collection to reinvent some of your other polishes with.

Which Mirrorball polish do you like the most?

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