Sunday, 2 June 2013

Ciate Caviar Manicure Review

Around November time I was having a look for some nice nail polish sets for Christmas and found that so many bloggers and youtubers had written posts or made videos about Ciate's Caviar Manicure. I really had not come across many negative reviews so I bought into the prettiness that is Ciate. 

I got the advent calendar which was such an exciting idea. I had never had such a fancy advent calendar before so it was a total novelty to get a nail polish or bottle of caviar pearls everyday in the countdown to Christmas. It really cheered me up on the dark mornings before work. 

I got a couple of other sets as christmas presents too. I have finally had the chance to try out all of my different caviar pearls to let you know what I thought of them and whether they are worth the money. 

So, after wearing them for less than 24 hours I unfortunately found that Caviar Pearls really would be best to be worn just for one night. They are not practical and don't last. I thought some would fall off but just about all of them fell off leaving silver bits all over my nails making it noticeable. I also then decided to give them the cleaning test. Yeh you definitely can't wear them to clean. They all fall off in rubber gloves.  The pearls were also falling off when I was eating my dinner and landing in my food. Not ideal if you are going for a meal and intend to wear your Ciate Caviar pearls!

I knew they would fall off, that would surely be inevitable. However, I did not expect to find that when I washed my hands (as you really need to do for obvious reasons) the colour of the caviar pearls would run, bleed and transfer onto my hand towels. So, I ended up having to use paper towels to dry my hands every time I washed them. I was so disappointed. I had not seen any reviews that said the pearls did this. It makes them completely unwearable. Even if you are on a night out you need to wash your hands. What if you are wearing a white dress? Or what if it rains? Or you get water from the drink that you have in your hands in a bar on your nails? Seriously, I was gutted that simply water ruined them because they looked so cool. By the next morning my caviar pearls had either fallen off or all the pearls had become a dirty brown colour. Bad times. 

The pearls really look so cute when they are first applied and I really had fun doing it. So I decided to try out all of the caviar pearls I had to see if all of them were ruined by water. 

The pearls I had this first awful experience with were called Candy Shop. I basically found that all of the pearls that had red or pink colours in them would run. However, the black, yellow and teal pearls did not. Neither did purple. It was always red or pink that would be all over whatever I dried my hands with. I do have to say that the clear translucent pearls I used obviously did not have colour on them that could bleed so massive thumbs up to those ones. If you can find any pearls like that I would recommend them as they look stunning and you know that the only problem you will have is that they might fall off rather than their colour getting everywhere. The ones I tried were from the miniature set I have pictured below.

My top tip for applying Caviar Pearls is to stick the pearls on with top coat rather than nail polish as it will prevent them from falling off for slightly longer.

I am not a fan of the actual Ciate Nail Polish. As it is a fairly luxury brand I think that the formulation of their polish should be much better. The polish applies very thinly and quite streaky. It is definitely nothing like my favourite polish brand Nails Inc. I also do not like the brush very much - it could be much nicer for the price. 

Overall, I am pretty disappointed that the pearls can be ruined by water especially for their price. I don't think I can forgive Ciate for not making the pearls water resistant. It ruined my experience of using my Caviar Manicure sets. 

I think if you are going to spend your money on them go for colours that won't bleed such as the ones I mentioned above because otherwise they are pretty much unwearable unless you like dye all over your clothes.

I would love to hear about your experiences with the Ciate Caviar Manicure and whether you have tried Nail Rock, Models Own or MUA caviar beads in comparison?

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