Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Nails Inc's Chancery Lane Beaded Polish

Nails Inc's Chancery Lane Beaded Polish is from a brand new collection which has just been released. It was difficult to tell online what this polish would actually look like once it was applied to the nails. I think it looks really interesting. As it is a beaded polish it is meant to be a take on caviar nails without the mess and fuss of loose beads. 

I decided to purchase Chancery Lane beaded polish which is a deep blue colour but still maintains a vibrant look. When applying the polish you have to dab it on to try to evenly distribute it. It has a very rough texture once painted onto the nails but it is different to concrete polish- in a good way. There are a lot of teeny tiny little beads throughout the polish and really shiny hexagonal silver glitter pieces. The glitter actually adds something really special to the polish and provides texture. If the polish had consisted solely of tiny beads I don't think it would have looked that good.

I really like this polish because it is so different. It doesn't look the same as caviar beads but I think I love it more for providing something different in terms of textured nails.

Obviously if you put top coat over this polish it ruins the effect. 

If you have tried any of these beaded polishes please let me know. What do you think of Nails Inc's Beaded polish?


  1. looks fab! xx

    1. Thanks!its such a different type of polish but actually looks good!:)

  2. these are beautiful!
    they'd look gorgeous with a plain outfit just to give it something a bit extra.
    You have a lovely blog also Stef, and it's definitely going to be where I get my nail inspiration now.
    Your newest follower,
    Laura xx


    1. Thank you for your lovely comment!i really appreciate that you read my blog and like it!thank u for following me too!you are my second follower ever!!hehe!:)

  3. These are absolutely gorgeous! They remind me of a christmas bauble!

    Chels | HumbleHonesty.com | YouTube

    1. hehe thank you!i love how shiny the bits of glitter are:)xx