Saturday, 8 June 2013

Models Own's Nail Polish Corrector Pen

I feel quite disappointed by Models Own's nail polish corrector pen. It only cost a couple of pounds but I still had hoped it would be decent. I found that it wasn't very good at removing the little specs of nail polish that I accidentally got on my fingers. It's sole purpose is to remove this polish therefore it's really gutting that it does not do what it's meant to. I found the pen quite dry with hardly any remover on the felt tip part which made it useless. I tried to use it again the next day after my first attempt and it just smeared the previous days polish all over my fingers rather than removing the new polish. I also found it really sharp and scratchy. It is sad to say but it is not good at all and I would not recommend it. :( My Nails Inc. corrector pen is miles and miles better than this one.


  1. Thanks for the review. Llarowe is now carrying them and I wondered how they worked. Thanks for saving me money!

    1. You are welcome!i was rather disappointed!