Friday, 14 June 2013

Nails Inc's Graffiti Glitter Polish

I have been intending to do a post on Nails Inc's Graffiti polishes for a long time now and finally I've got round to doing it. Over the last seven months I have been collecting Nails Inc's Graffiti polishes. I have provided lots of photos of these polishes but I do not think that you can see just how pretty they are. I hate when pretty glitter polishes just don't turn out well in photos. There are four polishes to choose from.

My ultimate favourite Graffiti polish is called Old Street and it is a bright multicoloured glitter polish. It includes gold, red, blue and green glitter particles. There are long strands of glitter as well as hexagonal pieces of glitter in the polish. This polish looks amazing over white polish. I got a lot of compliments at my work about this Graffiti polish. I really love it. 

Portobello Place is a shiny navy and silver Graffiti polish which looks really nice over blue polishes. It consists of strands of glitter, hexagonal glitter pieces and small specks of glitter. Again, this is a really nice polish.

Hoxton Street Graffiti polish is a purple, pink and rose gold coloured glitter which looks good over lilacs. It is quite a dense glitter that is made up of strands, hexagonal glitter pieces and specks of glitter. It is really pretty.

Finally, Brick Lane Graffiti polish is probably my least favourite as it is a dull silver and black glitter polish. This polish includes glitter strands, hexagonal glitter pieces and specks of glitter. It probably is the least spectacular out of the four polishes and can apply a little gluggy at times.

The idea of having graffiti on your nails is so cool. It's totally a concept that I love. It's something edgy but still pretty which is great.
These polishes are really good if you want to wear glitter but want a different take on it rather than a normal plain glitter polish.

I think you are meant to wear these polishes over white polish to make the Graffiti stand out more but as you can see I have worn them over other colours too.

Graffiti polishes are a little harder to apply if you want them to look really awesome. You need to make sure that you don't overload your nail with the glitter because it looks clumpy and just not very good. You also have to try to place the glitter fairly strategically so that there is a balanced amount of glitter all over your nail. This sounds annoying but it doesn't really take much more effort.

Overall, I think Graffiti polishes are great especially the multicoloured Old Street polish. 

Have you tried these Graffiti glitter polishes? If so, what do you think of them? Which one is your favourite?

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