Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Nails Inc's Bling It On Midnight

Nails Inc's Bling it on Midnight is a pretty navy blue/purple loose glitter set.  The set includes a fine purple glitter and a navy/purple and silver feather glitter. Both of these glitters are pretty when they are on but I couldn't help but feel that you could probably get the same effect as the purple glitter from a polish. The feather glitter provided a fairly different look though.

I noticed that in the case of the feather glitter particles,  if you try to tidy up around your nails by pulling off the glitter once your nails are dry, the feather glitter can go a bit stringy. It doesn't look bad you just know that you have fibres sticking out around your nails that you want to pull off. No one can tell that this is the case though.

My top tip for applying the feather glitter is to make sure that you smooth down any feathers that are sticking out over the tip of your nail. If you don't your nails will be jagged and catch on things.

What do you guys think?:)