Saturday, 15 June 2013

Ciate Caviar Pearls & Polish -Free with Marie Claire UK

June's edition of Marie Claire included a free gift in the form of a mini Ciate polish and a mini bottle of caviar pearls. I was excited to try these out to see if Ciate have changed the formulation of their polish at all or if they have made their caviar pearls water resistant.

The polish is called Cookies and Cream and is a nude colour. The caviar pearls are a mixture of gold and translucent pearlised caviar particles which look really nice. When applied these pearls look awesome.

I love applying these caviar pearls and considering each of these bottles is sold for £5.00 each this is a pretty good free gift.

I found that again the actual nail polish didn't apply very well but at least it was covered by the beads. Luckily the dye from these beads did not run or bleed when I washed my hands because the beads are such light colours. However, when the beads fell off they still left little noticeable silver flecks.

It is a shame you do not get a funnel or proper instructions for people who have never used Ciate caviar pearls before but I suppose it is a free gift so it would cost too much to do that. I used the funnel and collection tray I already have to apply these pearls. 

This was a pretty cool free gift to get in a magazine. What do you guys think? Will you buy this months Marie Claire to get your hands on this caviar manicure set?

Here is a link to my original post on the Ciate caviar manicure:


  1. I had this and the bottle smashed in my hand as soon as i tried to open it! I didn't even use any particular force with it :( so upset