Thursday, 20 June 2013

The Saturdays Magnetism Nail Lacquer by FashionistA

The Saturdays Magnetism Nail Lacquers by FashionistA at Superdrug have been around since the end of 2011 but I wanted to do a post on them because in my opinion they are the best magnetic polishes available and my absolute favourite. I have tried many magnetic polishes and no other polish is able to live up to the standards set by The Saturdays polishes. No other brand has been able to make such a good magnetic polish. They are oldies but goodies!

The polishes are really awesome metallic colours and apply smoothly. Their formula is nice and thick and they have great staying power. You can wear these polishes for a week and they do not chip easily. You need to buy the magnet separately but you can use it on all of the colours. Superdrug often have half price deals on this polish online which is great since it has been around for a while.

The silver polish is called Notorious Silver and it is such a great polish. The magnetic effect looks amazing on this polish.

The green polish is called Ego Green. When the sun hits this polish it is so sparkly and a vibrant green colour.

All Fired Up Red is the name of the red polish which looks quite pink when the sun hits it but it is really nice. 

The purple polish is called Purple Me Up. This polish looks quite dull and boring in the bottle but once it's on your nails and it catches the light it is really pretty. 

The blue polish is called Forever is Blue. I would say that this polish does not work as well with the magnet as all of the other polishes which is a great shame. However, on its own its such an awesome metallic blue with sparkly hints of purple.

They are better than other metallic polishes because the pattern created by the magnet is bold and does not fade when you apply top coat. Some other magnetic polishes do not create a strong enough pattern and the pattern often is ruined when you apply top coat. The colours seem to be a lot lot brighter than the other magnetic polishes.

These polishes really make your nails look amazing. I wore these polishes on rotation for weeks and would continually get compliments about my nails. Even the blue polish which I do not think is as effective as the other four gained compliments. 

I would really love for The Saturdays to bring out some more colours in this magnetic polish range though I am not sure that will happen. 

What do you think of these polishes? Do you have a favourite? I can't decide - I think I love them all!

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