Monday, 10 June 2013

Models Own Ice Neon Polish

I was pleasantly surprised by Models Own's Ice Neon Polish. I wasn't sure how neon they would actually be or how well they would apply. I bought 4 of these Ice Neon polishes when Boots had a 3 for 2 deal on Models Own waaaaay! I purchased Luis Lemon, Toxic Apple, Bubblegum and Pukka Purple.

Luis Lemon is neon yellow polish which did actually appear as a neon tone on my nails. I painted two coats of white polish on my nails first and then applied one coat of Luis Lemon. It applied really smoothly and streak free. One coat was all that was needed to look good. Though I did find that the yellow polish was quite difficult to remove from the skin around my fingers. That's the only down side. It's true neon-ness shows up properly in the photos where I used a flash. I really like this polish.

Toxic Apple is a neon green polish which again looks pretty neon on my nails. I painted two coats of white polish onto my nails before applying Toxic Apple. I needed two coats of this polish as it is quite thin and did go a little bit streaky after one coat. Four layers of nail polish meant that it needed a long time to dry.

The neon pink colour is called bubblegum. The formula of this polish is really good so I only needed one coat and I did not paint white polish under it as it was thick enough, opaque enough and bright enough on its own.

The fourth neon polish that I tried was Pukka Purple. It's a really nice purple and I don't already have one like it in my collection. I would not say that this colour is neon though. I'd describe it as vibrant rather than neon. It was the same as the pink polish in terms of formula and coverage. Only one coat was needed and there were no streaks.

I really like these polishes and I think that the yellow and green are definitely worth a try if you want some genuine neon nails for summer. The pink and purple polishes are really nice too. Overall, these polishes surpassed my expectations.

Let me know what your thoughts on these neon polishes are.

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