Saturday, 8 June 2013

Nails Inc's Eaton Dry Skin Exfoliator

I bought Nails Inc's Eaton Hand Exfoliator as I had heard that it benefits your hands a lot from exfoliating before applying hand cream. I thought I would give it ago especially since I have quite delicate skin that needs nourishing. You can also use this for your feet.

It consists of essential oils to moisturise your skin. What is cool is that it contains granules of sugar to gently exfoliate your skin with. You use it on damp skin like you would any other exfoliator. 

It does leave your hands feeling really moisturised and soft. It smells nice too.

I have never made a point of exfoliating my hands before but I actually I found it fairly beneficial for my skin and will continue to use this product. 

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