Monday, 10 June 2013

Nails Inc's Chelsea Square Glitter Polish

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Nails Inc's Chelsea Square glitter polish is an awesome rose gold glitter. I received this polish at Christmas time and it is such a lovely colour. It is rose gold but has a hint of pink. I wore this polish one week when I was feeling really unwell and it totally cheered me up to look at my nails and see them sparkling. Chelsea Square glitter polish provides really good coverage and applies pretty smoothly. I love this polish. The only negative point I can think of is that it is such a good coverage glitter than you can't really apply it over another polish as it is too thick and does not look very good. 

If you are looking for a really good sparkly glitter polish from Nails Inc that you will want to wear again and again I would recommend Chelsea Square polish. 

What is your favourite glitter polish?

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